Cut a hole with an object?



Hello ^^; Second time posting here, thank you to those who’ve helped me the first time.

I am trying to do a washbasin, I have the basin model and the cabin (to put the basin). However, I can’t seem to create a hole on top of the cabin surface so that I can see the full basin because right now the top surface of the cabin covers the basin.
I tried to explode both objects so that they intersect and then regroup the basin, but it did not work.
Attached below is my half done work, sorry for the confusion ;_;

Would appreciate any help given, thank you in advance!

Edit: The basin is solid if this is important to know


I think if you explode your top surface and keep your basin grouped, select all and intersect, then delete the unwanted part. I dont have your model, but this may be similar? You can regroup the surface afterwards.


Actually, open the Cabin group for editing, without exploding, select the top face, right click and choose ‘Intersect Faces with model’ This should trace the outline of the basin on the face so you can delete the ‘Hole’.


I tried both methods and both works! Thank you so much both for your help, I really appreciate it =)


That hadn’t worked on my mock-up, only the exploding method. I wonder why?


Move your ‘basin’ up so the face passes through.


Hey, that’s cheating and will play havoc with my “S” bend !


I definitely wouldn’t want to fiddle with your s bend.:arrow_heading_down:
But if you think about the real world situation, most of the time the basin comes up through the surface rather than finishing flush with it. When you cut a hole in a kitchen work-surface the rough edge of the hole is hidden under the lip of the sink.
Unfortunately sketchup has problems intersecting faces with edges that are on the same plane, but usually manages when they actually extend through so that it is faces with faces. Explode, on the other hand allows the edges to merge with the faces, usually. So it certain situations your option is the better choice.


Copy that. S bend firmly secured.
The sample that was posted certainly looked like it was flush? But he got it to work by your method, so it must of been higher, agree, ordinarily the “normal” setup is not flush…It so happens in my own house (if I’m not giving too much away) I have a kitchen sink that is flush, if not slightly below the kitchen counter which is formed cement. I also have one bathroom sink that is above and another which is a vessel which sit completely on top of a lower counter…seems like I’ve got the gamut of sinks over here.

It seems like some geometry sits in purgatory until it decides where it belongs, or is told what to do, it might be some kind of bug perhaps, where line work does exist on the same plane but until intersected or a “make face” function resolves it. It seems that for it not to automatically intersect is wrong? Not sure.


I think you’ll find it is a curved lip sticking up through the face.

Wondering off topic now but,

Yes it is wrong and is something we have been complaining about for years. It is a repeatable bug, but seemingly unfixable.


They should call in a plumber!


o.o :joy: