Cutting & Trimming

I am designing a kitchen and have created my cabinets and counter top. I downloaded the sink and all my attempts to insert it into the counter top have failed. I can get it positioned into the counter top, however the counter top is still visible inside the sink.
I have seen some videos that Arron has done showing how to cut and object into another object, but for the life of me I can not find that video. I know he recommended an extension to make it easier. He also did it with native tools. I can not recall the name of that extension either.

Can someone help me with this issue please.

The sink you downloaded may or may not have hole-cutting set as a property. If it doesn’t, you could edit the component by selecting it in the Components panel, and adding that. Keep in mind hole cutting only works if you put the component in place on a face, not on a group or component. And it’ll only cut through a single face.

Which version of SketchUp are you using? Please complete your forum profile.

If you share the sink .skp file we can look to see what it needs to make it cut the opening.

All though I only use Sketchup occasionally, I have the current version. I know I pay a lot for the little amount I actually use it, but when I need it I need it to work in all of its capabilities. That way when I get a response it is never “OH you can do that with that version”.
My problem is that when I get a response, because of my limited usage and hence my limited knowledge I most often have difficulty understanding the explanation.
In answer to your answer and question, I believe that if I cut the sink into a single surface counter top then I would be able to thicken the counter top and it might work.
As for sending you the sink component I have no real idea how to do that.

If you could direct me to a double sink component that would allow me to accomplish my task that would be appreciated.

No. That’s not how it works. The hole the component cuts is sort of an optical illusion. It isn’t really a hole in the surface. If you want to cut an actual hole, you could use Intersect Faces to get an outline of the sink and then erase the face inside or push the face through if the countertop already has thickness.

If you got the sink from the 3D Warehouse, you could provide the exact description so we can find it or you could save the sink component to your computer and then drag and drop the .skp file into a reply to this thread.

Any double sink can be used for that. If you want the hole illusion you might need to edit the component. Pick an appropriate sink that at least comes close to what you are going to use.

As for editing your forum profile, you can do that by clicking on your avatar (the D in the brown circle) at the top right corner of the forum page. Then click on your name and the gear icon for Preferences and then Profile.


This is the best I can do. For some reason I can not download the file other than directly into my project. It asks if I want to download it directly and if I say no it disappears, and if i say yes it comes into Sketchup and I can’t seem to isolate it to send it to you.

After inserting it in your model you could right click on it and choose Save as… Never mind, though. I’ve modified it to cut an opening when you place it on the top face of the countertop. Remember it will only cut the top face and that it isn’t creating an actual opening.
Kitchen Sink Hole Cutting.skp (546.6 KB)

Thanks so much for your help. I did try to look to see how you might do what you did, but again I got lost.
Can imagine how much time you must spend to be so good and so quick at it.
I very much appreciate you help.


Setting the component up requires that you place the component axes correctly and then give the component gluing and hole cutting properties. It’s usually best to do this when creating a component but it can be edited later as I did.
Screenshot - 9_7_2020 , 1_50_33 PM

Screenshot - 9_7_2020 , 1_50_20 PM

If you want a real hole in the countertop that more accurately reflects the way the actual counter cutout would be made, you can use a cutter and subtract it from the counter. I use Subtract from Eneroth Solid Tools because it respects components. It’s available from the Extension Warehouse.

Kitchen Sink Hole Cutting.skp (565.2 KB)

Ice Cream Trailer.skp (10.1 MB)

This is my file. I seem to be able to get the sink to embed into the counter top, however I can not get it to sit flush onto the counter top. Can you please have a look at my work and give me a clue as to where I am going wrong. It seems that I should be able to see the inside of the sink as well, at least I do see that on other drawings.

Again I appreciate your asistance.


Drag the sink in from the Components window.

Try this:
Ice Cream Trailer.skp (1.9 MB)