Sink recessed in countertop

Sink Recess.pdf (161.2 KB)
So here is an image of my bathroom remodel. I’ve created a dome that is like the glass sink I’ve purchased and recessed it into a 2" thick countertop. I have a CNC machine and my idea was to create a model of the countertop to hollow it out by using the trim tool. my problem is that it is not recognizing the sink as a solid. Please advise.

How about sharing the SKP file so we can see exactly what you do have?

Two options come to mind. Make the sink a solid shape or just use Intersect Faces to create the cutout shape in the counter top.

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Bathroom Model.skp (5.2 MB)
My attempt using intersect didn’t work. I may have complicated the sink model by drawing it 3/8" thick like the sink. A simple dome section may work.

Just opening your file now.

What didn’t work?

Although your sink has thickness, it isn’t solid because there’s no closure at the rim and there’s a hole in the inner surface for the drain. If you close those up, the component will be a solid. Use the Line tool and trace an edge segment of the hole in the inner surface and then draw edges between inner and houter segments on the rim to get the face on the top edge. Also correct the face orientation.

After that you can use Trim and then edit the countertop component to delete the waste.

You probably won’t want to leave that knife edge around the hole in the bottom face of the counter top so you might use a cylinder to trim that. If I were modeling this sort of thing, I would create a “cutter” model shaped the way the machine will leave the hole and use that to trim the opening.

Don’t know what I’m doing wrong but I’m not achieving your results. Closed the rim as you instructed but it filled the whole top. Got rid of the drain hole.

Draw lines from the inner edge of the rim to the outer edge. It’ll take two of them. You can erase them once the face is created.

Success! I think that may work if I can get that top into Vetric. Thank you so much!!!

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Happy to help.