Cut a face using another model

Hi All,

I have created a countertop, basically just a box. I’m attempting to drop a sink into it using a model from the warehouse. when i do this, the countertop covers over the opening of the sink. when i attempt to delete the face, it deletes the entire countertop. is there a way to use the model I am dropping in to cut the face into segments?

If the sink component you downloaded was made to cut an opening, open the counter top component/group for editing and insert the sink. It need to be on the face of the counter top, not the on group or component wrapper.

Can you share a link to the sink you chose?

the countertop isn’t a group, just a bunch of lines and faces. would it make it easier if I make it a group or component? I did it this way because its just a very rough sketch at this point.

At some point you’ll need to make it a component or a group but if you want the sink to cut an opening, it’ll need to be applied to the face. If you make the counter a component first and open it for editing before adding the sink or you make a component of the counter and the sink makes no difference.

That sink does not have a hole-cutting attribute but that could be added. That hole will only cut through a single face so you would probably delete the bottom face of the countertop. That’s not going to be a big deal since it wouldn’t be visible. Alternatively you could draw an opening in the countertop and make a real hole in. Draw the shape of the open much like you would if you were preparing to cut the real countertop. Then use Push/Pull to push the waste away.

If I get a minute, I’ll modify the sink component for you. It’ll be a little while. Too much going on tonight.