Need help with a curved shape

Hi all,
Anyone could explain me how I could do the curved top on the red surface on my model ?
I know how to do a dome on a cylinder, but when I try to use a similar approach with the follow me tool, it always give bad results with some gaps in the surface.
Any help would be much appreciated.
Kind regards.

shower_door_pivot.skp (1.3 MB)

shower_door_pivot.skp (155.7 KB)

Maybe like this? I worked on a scaled up copy of it after making it a component.

The missing facets result from it being a very small object.
SketchUp’s built-in tolerance is 1/1000", any points closer that that are assumed to be coincident.
So in operations like FollowMe or similar extensions like Fredo’s RoundCorner tiny geometry can result in SketchUp not creating a tiny edge, and any face associated with the unmade edge is also not created.

There is a simple workaround for this.
For a full tutorial please see Box’s thread: The Dave Method

As a note on modeling in general, it would be a good idea if you get in the habit a dragging out the radii for circles on axis. In this model it appears you dragged the radii out in random directions which makes the model more difficult to work with than it should be.

Thank you all for your answers and advices.

Also, there is loose geometry on a layer other than 0. Best practice is to keep all edges and faces on Layer 0.


Good point. I didn’t even look at layers. I’ve fixed my uploaded model.

Thank you very much indeed DaveR. Even with your suggestions, I still don’t manage to do a clean surface. What is the trick to make the “half dome” cut cleanly at the wall?
Anyway, the model you uploaded is good for me. I will take some time to look at tutorials and read documentation, to improve my knowledge on Sketchup and 3D modelling.