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I need to make a shower head/arm in sketchup and I’m trying to make it look like the picture (below), but I’m having issues with the curves of the arm and I’ve never worked on a shower before, so I don’t know which part connects to the wall.

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Yes - upload your reference image and a screen capture of the problem.

For something like this “Follow Me” tool is your friend. Modeled up a quickie generic head. For the head portion draw a circle the maximum diameter of the head. Above that draw half of the heads profile and run follow me. Pipes the same deal. Draw your line for the path of the pipe. Draw a circle of the diameter wanted above your path. Circle perpendicular to the start of the path and follow me.

The model of it has to look similar to this danze-shower-arm-d481136-dimensions
I believe that the shower head goes on the end of the arm, but I’m not sure what part connects to the wall. I have a drawing of what it’s supposed to look like on the wall, but the model of that drawing looks very different from this one.

The part that connects to the wall is shown at the left end of the drawing. part with the 2-3/8 in. diameter is the trim plate that covers the hole in the wall. It looks like the pipe has a 45° bend in it. How accurate does your model need to be?

As Tuna showed, Follow Me for the bent pipe. Draw the cross section of the wall plate and use Follow Me around a circle to create the 3D plate.

Do you have to show the pipe threads on the ends? And do you need a shower head to it?

I’m not quite sure about the pipe ends, but I need to add a flow regulator before the shower head, and the shower head part of it is not a concern because I’ll probably end up doing a square-shaped one. I’ll try making it by what you guys said and see how it turns out :slight_smile:

FWIW, here’s a quick example. I prefer to model things in place as much as I can.

I’ve got a cross section profile for the place, a circle to use first as the Follow Me path for the plate and then as the profile for the pipe. and the Follow Me path for the pipe is positioned straight behind the rest of the geometry. There aren’t enough dimensions in the image you profived to make a perfectly accurate model but I think it will be close enough. From the dimensions given and the assumed 45° bend, I was able to create the path to run along the top of the pipe.

Select the circle, get Follow Me and click on the profile to create the wall plate then make it a component.

Select the path for the pipe, get Follow Me and click on the circle to make the pipe. Make sure to correct face orientation if the faces are reversed.



Thank you so much :slight_smile: All i have to do now is add the shower head. Thank you again!

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A little late to the party as usual. DaveR showed you way better than I could how to get this done. If you’ve got to do the shower head the process is about the same depending on the amount of detail you need. Just start with a good dimensioned drawing if you can.

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Happy it was helpful.

If the shower head is round, you can probably do the same sort of thing.

wall hole cover is an “escutcheon”.

Typically the arm does not connect to the wall but slides through the wall and connects to a drop eared 90 on a stand pipe that come up from below from the shower mixing valve that regulates flow. The escutcheon covers the hole the arm slides through in wall or shower surround. The escutcheon is made to fit snugly around the pipe arm to stay in place.