Help with my mistakes

So I did REALLY well with this attempt (like 9th try) on my model… I’m a beginning trying to 3D print a model for a part for work that would make my life a lot easier. I would appreciate if someone could help me. I’ve redrawn it with different dimentions over and over

  1. I deleted the idea inside of what should be a conical rim
  2. I need to extend the ‘top circle’ of the two circles that I drew by half the width of the thickness of the circle wall itself…

I don’t want to draw it over again because I lost the paper with the dimentions that I used :frowning:

help.skp (189.6 KB)

I appreciate the help

Create a cross section of the wall and use the Follow Me tool with a circle (I used 96 segments for the circle):


Is there any way to find the EXACT dimensions of the outside of the bottom wall? That’s the whole reason why I don’t want to re-draw it… Also, that looks like it would take 15 seconds. I wish I had known/done that.

If you use the Section Tool image (or Tools > Section Plane), you can get create a section through the model at the origin:



Selecting the plane and right-clicking:


Deleting everything except for the new section:



I modified the profile that resulted and used it with the Follow Me tool. This preserves your original dimensions.


After a lot of random clicking and pleading with the Sketchup gods, I think I was able to re-create what you explained. I think I’m done! Can’t wait to 3D print it tomorrow and see if it’s any good! Thanks a million! Also be warned… you teach a man to fish… and he will be back with more fishing questions.

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Good tip @jimhami42, something new for me too. :wink:

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