Help for a beginner

Hi. Thanks in advance for any help…

I am new-ish to Sketchup. Complete amateur - only playing around for a hobby…

I am designing for a 3D print, and have almost completed the project…

I have one item which I cannot seem to complete.

My model has a tower, which I created using a circle, then push/pull to the height. It decreases in diameter as it rises, so I used Move, Resize to shape this.

I want to put some windows in - or even the blank spaces where the windows would be.

But I can’t draw a rectangle on a curved surface, and even if I do it using lines, I can’t push/pull a curved surface.

I also tried creating a long rectangular item, and inserted it through the cylinder, and interesect faces, and then delete the excess, but again, I can’t seem to get the window holes…

Any tips?

Many Thanks

That should work. What was the result? You need to be operating in the proper editing context. Is the tower a group or component? If so, you need to open the group for editing (e.g., double-click on the tower when the Select tool is active) before you can make any changes, such as running Intersect With.

If you can, I suggest uploading the SKP model file here so that other users can suggest more targeted ideas.

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conical cylinder windows.skp (78.7 KB)

Just tried that again… still no joy… most frustrating

Your cylinder is a group and the intersecting geometry is loose and outside of the group. Explode the group so the cylinder geometry merges with the rest.

Keep in mind that as it is, it won’t be 3D printable. The cylinder wall has no thickness. I don’t know what you want from here but it’s probable there’s a different and better way to get to what you want.