Beginner - need a little help aligning objects

Hello everyone =).
I’m new user to Sketchup program. Last days I’ve been designing my new desk with builtin PC.
I have a problem with an object on the picture (marked with arrow). I want to align it to the 2 other objects. Basically wanna make bottom for the desk. Any idea how I could achieve this? Im struggling for hours :slight_smile:

Big thanks, regards

I can’t tell exactly what you’re trying to do but I expect you’ll just need to use the Move tool. Perhaps it’ll be clearer if you upload the SKP file.

This piece on the picture is meant to be the front of the table. That “hole” you see is for the legs.
I’m trying to fit bottom part to the same shape as this front piece, to make the the “box” with space inside.
I’m attaching my project file here.

PS: Sorry for my english :blush:

Could’t upload file directly because it’s over 3MB, attaching download link. And ignore rest of the stuff in project, random things xD.

I tried your link but it caused a bunch of popups and tried to download additional files. I would recommend zipping the file to reduce size, or uploading to 3DWarehouse and sharing the link.

Sorry about that, getting used to this forum still :). Meanwhile I managed to put down what I desired, but if I may, I have another question. I want to close the hole with 0,5cm object, that is placed on the bottom of the desk. Can’t get it to the same shape, keeping dimensions as they are. Adding picture: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

That’s the only thing bugging me, managed to do everything else. I’m adding link to my project:

Thanks for you help, appreciate it alot.


if the part with the hole is a group, edit the group and just draw a line from one side to the other. If the geometry is built right the hole will close. you can then “push/pull” the resulting plane that fills the hole to give it the dimension of the other parts. THis can be done by “inference” from the neighboring geometry, or type in the thickness while you have the push/pull active. (the attached image is by example - edit group (if grouped) and dram line from “A” to “B”, this will close the hole and then you can push/pull to add thickness.
If i’m understanding the issue?