Help! Aligning components


I am VERY new to SketchUp and need some help figuring out how to align objects. I am mainly going to be using SketchUp to design furniture and built-in cabinets.

I am currently creating a closet project where I need 2 components to be aligned on top of each other, 16.5" apart. Every time I try to align them, on of them is off by about 1/16th of an inch.

I’ve attached a diagram, as well as the link to the design.

Thanks so much for your help!!

Basics of SketchUp at and YouTube official

Whenever you move stuff in sketchup, get into the habit of locking it to the correct axis. In this case, if you would like to move your frame up,

  1. Select the frame, activate the move tool, Click and release the first end point to move the frame
  2. lock it to the blue axis by tapping the ‘up arrow’ key on your keyboard
  3. and then type in your dimension and enter

It’s easyer to model things in place. After modeling the bottom component, model whatever comes in between in place.
After the middle section is complete model the top section or move-copy the bottom section up (if they are the same)

  • In ‘Model Info’ disable ‘Length snapping’
  • place top object, grabbing it by one specific point, exactly on its matching specific point in the other object
  • now move that object constraining along blue (hit [Up arrow] once or use [Shift] to constrain to the blue axis) to arbitrary height and then immediately type 16.5" and hit [Enter]

Moving copies on axis is an important skill to learn. Another option for something like this would be to use Flip/Copy in the blue direction.


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