Snapping of objects/entities/components in Sketchup Web?

Things don’t snap together the way you might see in other software, you need to select the appropriate point of an object to grab it and snap it to another point.

A common beginner mistake is to grab and drag something randomly and expect to be able to snap it into place, as seen in the beginning of the gif.
But if you grab the corner with a click and release you can easily move it to another point and click and release to drop it. The second part of the gif.
And thirdly, by using modifier keys, in this case alt, you can change the available grab points. Here I have grabed the middle of the bottom, then inferenced to midpoints on two sides to find the center and place it there.
GIF 14-01-2024 6-01-22 PM

There are things called snaps, but they are a new tool and involve creating specific snap points.