Object Snap to a Grid

Is there a simple way to snap objects to a grid in SketchUp Studio?
I know that Layout has that function. I’d like to do it in the model.

Probably faster to just use move / copy if you want to arrange the same object in a grid.

Otherwise draw a grid with lines. Group it. Put it on a tag ‘grid’. Arrange your objects. Turn off the tag when you don’t want to see it.

What are you trying to do? You can as bmike said draw a grid, then the objects you want to snap convert into components, place the origin where you want the snap point and drag them from the components tray. If you want just a single object to be placed on the grid it’s faster to use array with the move tool.

Thank you both for your suggestions. I decided to make a temporary grid as suggested and it worked fine. The task was to locate about a hundred 2’x4’ acoustic panels on a large wall in a semi-random pattern. I chose a 3" grid so a contractor could have a clear understanding of the plan. I do like grouping and multiple copying.