Lost my exterior walls


I’ve somehow lost parts of my exterior wall in my model. Tried the suggestions in similar topics in the forum, but still can’t seem to remedy. Any idea what I have done here and how to fix it? Is there a way to prevent this in the future?


Are you using groups and components?
Are you using tags?

Drag the model into the reply window and someone will be able to look at it.

Gosh, no - I imported a model from a lidar scan converted to CAD, so I didn’t set up any parameters within the file –– everything was fine until it wasn’t. Now all kinds of craziness is going on with the exterior walls and the interior walls that I added. The file is HUGE. Let me see if I can even upload this big boy. THANKS!

Nah, the file is too big to upload here. I’m new at this game - should I save a section slice and try to upload a smaller slice of it? Thanks for being patient :slight_smile:

That’s not how section slices work…

You should go to learn.sketchup.com and learn about model management and get a good handle on the basics.

If you are not using tags then it is likely you deleted something (could be just a single line) that made the faces disappear, or you hid something.

You can upload the file to Wetransfer or DropBox and share a link, someone might take a look and help you…

Ummmm. I have used sketchup, fairly poorly might I add, for years now. I had NO IDEA these tutorials existed - wow. THANK YOU!

Your profile and the screenshot indicate you are using the free web version of SketchUp. How did you import the CAD file?

Probably due to ball-up tag usage.

Dave - It’s through a company called Canvas - they have Lidar technology specifically geared to as-built environments. I uploaded my Lidar scans to them, they convert to CAD/SKP, and boom! It’s absolutely phenomenal. Extremely accurate and very very detailed - it generated my 3 story house and captured all mechanicals, joists, rafters, you name it. I do have a background in interiors, but mostly in the decorative arts. We consulted with an architect on layout (my house is 120yrs old and compartmentalized into smaller rooms). So we are removing walls and adding a few. Nothing I can’t handle, and I have it all detailed out in the current file, but apparently I missed some critical lessons on sketchup when I started messing around with it years ago, and the errors are due to my ignorance :wink: