Clicking rounded edged components into place


I need a bit of guidance on how best to manage a product range I use for interiors. The product is modular by nature, in that each product can be attached next to one another much like a set of kitchen cabinets. Variable widths, depths, sizes etc.

The problem I’m having is it’s harder than it seems due to rounded edges. At the moment it’s very time-consuming zooming in on both corners and making the necessary adjustments to even things out when I ought to be already placing/sliding/clicking the next item into place.

Is there a way I can make the component more effectively?

Someone suggested hidden geometry but often times it’s all too easy to click on the wrong geometry. How I’ve done it before is by using an extension called anchor point which creates a dot on eat blue box corner. Is there a better way though?

I’d appreciate any kind of help.

I’ll be sure to scour the forums to see if I can help anyone else.

Many thanks.

One simple way would be to place guidepoints where the corners would be if the components weren’t rounded.

Then place guidepoint to guidepoint to locate adjacent components.

Can you show an example of the objects you’re working with. It might be simplest to set the component axes in a location the makes it easy to locate one to another.

Unfortunately setting the component axes won’t fix the issue. You will be able to grab the axes of the selected component but not be able to interact with the other to clip it into place.

It depends on where you place the component axes. There’s surely a point somewhere that will work. How would they be located next to each other in reality? I guess I’ll leave it, though.