We need a developer!

Hi folks !.

Im looking for a developer who can help us with a plugin that we been making for a while.
Its a light gauge steel framing plugin. It has a few functionalities done, and we need to finish some stages to be operative.

Can you give us a hand?.

Please contact with me so we can talk and send info to evaluate the boundaires of the work and cost/time for it.

We are a small Architecture Studio and Home factory in South America. English its ok, and spanish will be great!.

Cheers!, Vladimir.

You might try to contact @medeek. He’s got three plugins: Foundations and Trusses (currently available) and Walls (Currently in intense development) all using wood framing. I can’t imagine the principles of light gauge steel framing are so far different that he can’t adapt his plugins, for a suitable fee (of course).

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‘Brock Works’ Estimator has tools to take off quantities, and the new toolset in beta-testing ‘Framer’ makes framed walls/floor/roofs.
As with Medeek’s tools they are based on timber sections, but the basic principles should apply to pressed metal sections too…

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Thanks Sjdorst for your comment. We prefer to finish our own plugin. The idea is to do a free release later to work with.

We dont need a third party plugin to do some work. We want to finish our development with is related to a steel fabrication machine and free use for all.

Thanks !

Pinging @Whaat in case this is of interest.

Would you consider making a GitHub page with code so we developers can see how to help?

Even though I speak Spanish and English, I don’t feel confident enough to take a $ coding job, without first knowing I can deliver. The scope of your plugin idea and business behind it is not yet clear for me to make a decision if it is worth my time.

By opening a GitHub with more clear goals of what is expected for us developers to fix, then you’ll get better results in finding Extension developers in my opinion.

Hope this helps.


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