Opening a model created with Sketchup Web in SketchupShop. Possible?

Hi All,
I purchased Sketchup Shop for an annual fee. I inadvertently created a model in Sketchup Web. Is it possible to open this model in Sketchup Shop? I now assume that extensions/ plug ins are not possible with SU Web. Can I assume that extensions/ plug ins are possible with SU Shop? Thanks! Jeff O.

Did you misspeak when you said you created in in SketchUp Web? The SketchUp modeler for Shop is the SketchUp Web version, with extra features that are not in the Free version. Shop is now called Go, and the Go variation also gives you the iPad editor.

If you meant that you made a model with the trial version, using SketchUp for desktop, you can upload any model you made by clicking the Open from device button in the home page of the web app:

If you did create the model with the free web version, that should still appear in your recent files if you are logged into Shop with the same email you used for Free.

Hi Colin, Thank you for your response! I probably am mis-speaking. When I made this SU purchase last year ($119/year) - the products I have access to are 1) Sketchup (free) Web and 2) Sketchup Shop. I bookmarked the SU Web version and used it to make a model. I do not see any icon that I can click that says Sketchup Shop. There are a few extensions/ plug ins that I would like to use to improve/ fix my model. But I realize now that there does not appear to be any extensions/ plug ins that are useable with the SU I used. I thought that paying the $119/ year would allow me to use features like plug ins and extensions. Do I need to move to SU Pro in order to use plug ins/ extensions? Thanks!

Yes, you would need Pro or Studio to get the desktop version, which then does do plugins.

You use an EDU email address, are you a student or educator? If you are you could check to see if you are eligible for the EDU subscription to SketchUp Studio. You can check into that here:

If not, you can upgrade your Shop subscription to Pro. I think you have just over two weeks left in your current Shop subscription, so upgrading to Pro should only cost under $20 (maybe under $10). Note though that it would only change your existing subscription from Shop to Pro, at the end of November it would renew at the full $299 rate.

Thank you Colin! Looks like I will upgrade to Pro. I am not currently a student or educator - took a few classes several years ago and the U never asked me to divest myself of my e-mail from there. Cheers, Jeff