SketchUp Shop-can't install extensions?

I’ve got the SketchUp Shop subscription. It appears that the SketchUp I’m using is entirely web-based, which means that I can’t install extensions, like CutList. Is that correct?

That’s correct.You would need to go to SketchUp 2019 Pro (the desktop client version) to be able to use extensions.

Considering the way you use SketchUp, you would benefit from having Pro anyway because you’d also have LayOut for the documentation part (stuff for clients and your shop drawings) of it.

Ok, so what exactly is the benefit of SketchUp Shop? from trimble account manager…“SketchUp Shop for professional use, annual subscription. SketchUp Shop subscription includes individual use of: SketchUp web, SketchUp Viewer for Mobile apps, Pro support, Pro learning and Trimble Connect for Business”

So I’m getting pro support, learning, and connect for business. hrrrrm

Can the Shop Subscription fee be applied to the Pro fee?

I need to get smarter about Layout…what does it do with a model?

Can I share a model with you so you can see what I’m trying to do with the client and the shop drawings?

By the way… thanks for the individual responses/interest. Super cool!

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There are a number of benefits to SketchUp Shop but it is not a replacement for SketchUp Pro nor is it intended to be.

Very likely you would be able to apply the Shop subscription fee to Pro but you would need to contact Customer Support directly.

Yes. You can share a model. You can download it to your computer and then upload it here or upload it to the 3D Warehouse and share the link. I’d be interested in seeing your model since woodworking is my primary use for SketchUp and LayOut.

charles moore mudroom storage unit.skp (366.0 KB) Dapne Ticola murphy bed.skp (426.7 KB)

Opening now.

Looks like good projects. Still a bit of work to do. You want to watch the face orientation. The blue faces are back sides. You should only have white front faces exposed. I’ve got more comments for you although it’s taking this thread off topic.

I don’t mind if we go off topic. Private chat?

I use the blue to show contrast between the shelves and such.

Just on the question of changing your subscription from Shop to Pro (or Studio), the account management portal Plan section has an Edit Plan button, where you can upgrade. You don’t change your subscription end date, and what you are charged is pro-rated to the number of months left in the subscription. Two easy examples are:

You pay $119 for Shop then immediately realize it was Pro that you needed. You would pay $180 (plus any tax) to make it be Pro.

You pay $119 for Shop, and after 6 months you start to need extensions, or other reasons to be using the desktop version. It would be about $90 to upgrade the remainder of your subscription to Pro.


I’m downloading the Pro version right now.

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use your full trial period before deciding…

and bare in mind that ‘Pro’ as a subscription, comes with Shop [for those out and about jobs]…


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