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Does anyone know what the rules are in regards to the Pro subscription (the one for $ 299)? My student one is about to expire and I may not want to renew it right away but wait for a month or so. Do I lose all my models if I don’t extend it or can I still have access to it once I do extend it?

Also, what plugins do I have access to while on the Pro subscription?

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You don’t lose your models. You should always be able to open them in SketchUp Free.
As far as extensions, you have acces to all of them with any of the desktop versions.
Some extensions are paid though…

Thank you! …I never used any extensions because I didn’t know they were available to me, I thought this was something extra I’d have to purchase and I am not so much into extensions. However, if they are available with the subscription I’d like to know what they are and how to use them.

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There are hundreds if not thousands of extensions. To much to talk about or explain how they work!!
You could start in the extension warehouse and have a look. Every extension has its own page which explains what it does and how it works. Some descriptions are too short to be usefull, some even have instruction video’s.
Don’t install too much extensions which you might never use. Only install extensions of witch you think could improve your workflow. (Read: save you time). Try them out before you forgot you installed them and then decide if they work for you and keep them or remove them…

The SketchUp Pro subscription product from Trimble does not include any extensions, in the typical meaning of extension. Extensions are just what the name suggests - additions to the base product. SketchUp Pro has the very useful feature in that it can be extended (in contrast to SketchUp Free, for example, which cannot be extended). But the Pro subscription does not include any actual extensions.

99.9% of extensions are written by non-Trimble people. Trimble does help the extension community by providing the Extension Warehouse which is a place for authors to list and for users to obtain extensions (some free, some paid). Other sources exist such as and some authors have their own sites (some free, some paid).


  • Trimble Connect
  • Sandbox Tools
  • Dynamic Components
  • Advanced Camera Tools

Thanks for the correction, @dezmo ! :slight_smile: