Can models created with subscription pro be opened in classic pro?

Looks like I will need to take out subscription to keep on top of future updates etc.
I have been using pro for some 10 years for my kitchen bussiness & I’m a bit confused as to how the subscription is going to affect me. I need to take laptop to customers to show final design which has never been a problem but if there is no wifi can I still use my classic by opening models created with the subscription program? Also, will I be able to use my favourite extensions (FredoScale, curviloft etc) with subscription based SUpro? I’m sure I could find this info if I dig into this forum so sorry if I’m asking the obvious… I’m 54 & a bit long in the tooth…

The SketchUp Pro program you’ll be using is exactly the same, assuming you have the same version (e.g. 2020) on desktop and laptop. The only difference is the licence. You can open the same files and install the same extensions.

You could use the subscription one on your laptop too if you wanted, it only ‘calls home’ once a month so doesn’t need constant internet access.

Apart from not being able to open files saved from a newer version e.g. 2019 can’t open 2020 files, classic and subscription versions open the same files.

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Thanks for clearing that up, I was under the impression it was a cloud based program that needs constant wifi connection. Other than cost, it shouldnt be much a difference then…

The extra cost and the fact it stops working when you stop paying.

Yeah… there’s always that! Maintenance & support never been up to much anyway so hope at least that changes?

If your subscription version and perpetual licence version differs, and the subscription version is higher than the perpetual licence version, then look for “Eneroth Open Newer Version” extension and install that to the perpetual licence version. This should work, provided that the newer file version is supported. else you’ll have to down-save to the version your perpetual licence is at.

Thanks Julian.

no problems