Adding an extension to Sketchup Shop

Hi all,

Can someone please help me - Im try to install an extension (Cutlist) to my subscription copy of Sketchup Shop. All the information that I find relates to Sketchup Pro - Totally confused at this point!

Thank you

Unfortunately, there is no option for any web versions to run an extension.
This is currently a fact. :frowning:

Thanks dezmo - Now Im left wondering why I even bothered paying for it?

Thanks for your help.


When did you buy?

3 or 4 weeks ago

That might be to late, according to the refund policy.

What kind of projects? Large?

Nah just a small patio bench/storage box quite small. It’s no problem I’ll just do a manual cutting list.

Thank you for your time.

Mike Burley

Shop does have a few extra abilities, but not extensions. The reason to pay for Shop is if you are going to earn income from it. The Free version may do everything you need, but if you’re selling your services or models as part of your job, the Free license wouldn’t cover that.

If that isn’t the case, it’s worth asking for a refund. If it is the case (that you’re going to earn a living from your use of SketchUp), you could consider upgrading to Pro. At this point it would cost you about $170 to do that.