Extension Use - Should Not Be Limited to High Dollar Customers

I purchased SketchUp Shop, after a period of trial with the free version, to see if I would like the software. I did like it. I thought it would be a nice to have. The only piece realy missing was a cutlist option. However, I mistakenly misread the data online, believing that if I purchased the subscription to SketchUp I would have the fucntionality available.

After my purchase I was very disappointed to discover no ability to access extensions; AT ALL. I futher discovered that one must pay nearly $300.00/year order to have this tool. Why is this? I believe there should be reasonable access for users. Free users; okay no access to extensions. If I am willing to pay $130.00/year, then I should be able to have some access. Then as I pay more then more access; this would be reasonable.

Thankfully, SketchUp has refunded my money, so I will just have to suffer through manually trying for calculate what my resource needs are; after I have created my drawings.

Thank you.

I think you missed a couple of key things. First, it’s not that they are limiting extension use to “high dollar customers”. Extension use is limited to use on desktop versions of SketchUp because it currently isn’t possible for internet browsers to work with SketchUp extensions. Second, if you are a hobbyist you can still get and use SketchUp 2017 Make and that version will allow you to use extensions.


Thank you, Dave. I was not aware of this. I have tried to find options, but it is not easy; I did not see anything on 2017 Make…I will look into it (do you know how I can get that software?).
Again, thank you.

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Try going to sketchup/com/download/all

I was able to download 2017, but how would I access the cutlist extension?

You need to download and install extensions. This can be from 3rd party extension stores or Trimble’s Extension Warehouse.

Thank you; I will check this out.