How does one render their model in Sketchup Shop? In Sketchup Make, there were extensions for that, but Sketchup Shop doesnt seem to have any. Is that right?

Correct. SketchUp Shop (and Free, and For Schools) are web based with no ability (yet) to incorporate existing extensions written (in Ruby) for Make and Pro.

ok, thanks. So just to confirm, I can’t render anything I design? This might be a silly question, but then what is the point of the software if the things you make can’t be rendered?

Rendering isn’t the end all be all of SketchUp. If you need to make photorealistic renders, you can still do that using a desktop client version of SketchUp.

Ah, ok. Tx

I can’t speak to rendering, either on a web based version or on an installed version as I simply haven’t had the need to do it.

With the disclaimer that I’m not a Trimble representative, just a humble SketchUp user, here’s what I see as the “point” of SketchUp Shop (which I also don’t yet use, but might in the near future to allow better model manipulation in my woodshop - where I won’t bring my laptop!):

SketchUp Shop is a low cost way to obtain a version of SketchUp that allows commercial use. It’s particularly aimed at users who lack either the necessary hardware or the available cash to use SketchUp Pro.

In return for paying Trimble, you not only get the commercial use license, but you also get a set of features that are more robust than SketchUp Free. Unfortunately, at least for you, rendering isn’t included. But is IS available with the free downloadable version, Make.

Another disclaimer: I’m not a lawyer. I have no expertise in licensing law. And I make this disclaimer before suggesting that you might be able to combine SketchUp Shop and SketchUp Make in your workflow if you absolutely can’t do without rendering. But consult the various license terms carefully and consult a lawyer before you do so.

Finally, if rendering is truly critical to your commercial use of SketchUp, it’s probably worth springing for both the necessary hardware to run SketchUp Pro and a SketchUp Pro license.

Yup, you’re dead on. I had just pieced that together myself. I will use Shop to import files I make in Illustrator(because Make can’t import) and then export the Sketchup file and use it in Make where I can then use extensions for lighting and rendering.

Keep in mind that SketchUp Make is not licensed for commercial use so if what you are doing is for other than hobby type use, you need to use SketchUp Pro.

Ok, I will keep that in mind.