Can I get an extension on Sketchup shop?

Hy all :wave:,

I’ve got Sketchup shop, and I’d like to ad this extension :
Is it possible, because I’ve tried, but I can’t manage.


No. SketchUp Shop has no facility to use extensions. You would need to use SketchUp Pro for that.

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OK, thanks!
It’s what I thought, but I just wanted to be sure.

Well… actually, yes and no. Extensions cannot run live in the web version, but, separate applications could add/get things to/out of .skp files.
So, depending on what you need, tools could exist/be made that adds/gets data to/from .skp files.

An yes, I happen to be someone that could help you getting data out of .skp models, or add data to them.

Thanks, that’s good news ! :partying_face:
I actually wanted a rendering extension, but just to try, so if it’s paying, never mind.