Developer Announcements Hello SketchUp Developers! This little corner of the forums will act as our channel to communicate outbound messages to our community. Only the SketchUp team can create new posts here, so we can keep it neat and tidy. But anyone can respond to our messages, so that we can get feedback, heaps of gratitude, complaints, etc. SketchUp SDK If you're working creating importers or exporters for SketchUp then you'll want to work with the SketchUp SDK. This is where you can discuss issues or ask questions about the process. Feature Requests This is the category to use if you’d like to suggestion new features or functionality for any of the Developer resources such as the Ruby API, SketchUp SDK or other extension related features. Ruby API Creating Extensions for SketchUp uses the Ruby API. Whether you're creating plugins, extensions or add-ons (synonyms for the same thing) then you'll need to know some Ruby. Post here if you're creating an Extension and have any questions.
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