Find And Report: an extension for easy quantity surveying

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Find And Report is an extension that lets you find any element in your model by typing a few characters in a search field. You can customize attributes to identify these elements. Any element of the model, such as an edge or a surface, and not just its components, can be identified.
You can then export information on selected elements to a spreadsheet. With their dimensions, custom attributes and materials, you can easily create a bill of quantities.

The tool is available for free on the Extension Warehouse : Extension | SketchUp Extension Warehouse. The best way to learn more about the extension is to try it out. After installation, you’ll be given a single button FindAndReportLarge128x128Grey that opens a window to manage your data.

Tutorials cover the main stages of use. First, you’ll learn how to install it: .
Next, you’ll learn how to identify or modify entities and . You can then search for entities and export data .

Don’t hesitate to ask questions and make suggestions on this post. You can also take part in this survey on priorities for developing the tool: Development priorities for Find And Report . It’s your input that will allow the project to develop in the direction that suits you best.

Thank you in advance for your feedback.



The entityID is not persistent between sessions. Suggest using persistent_id instead.


I should point out that it is indeed the persistent_id that the extension has been using since SketchUp 2017. It was a great step forward to have this persistent id in terms of tool development. But the term “entity ID” is used in the extension because for the vast majority of users, specifying which type of ID is not relevant.

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