Feature or Extension request - export text from SU to CSV

Please can we have some way to export all Dimension text from a sketchup model into a table (csv)?

Being able to export different types of text (leader text, dimensions or screen text) from SketchUp into a CSV would allow us to prepare Bill of Materials quantities very easily.

We would need the ability to export all text, or just Selected text. Ideally any leader text would also be exported along with a column saying what it is connected to (name of component, name of material, etc).

@ene_su this seems like something you could put together quite readily.

I don’t currently have much time for extension development, but I find the idea intriguing to entertain.

How would you envision this in practice? A separate reporter? Should only Dimensions be exported and groups/components without them be ignored? Should Dimensions be manually labeled in SU so you know what each value represents in the exported table?

Yes the idea is that I could go into my model and add a dimension (or leader text) to anything that I want to know sum the value of. Like bits of timber, or faces, or whatever.
If the tool included all leader text or free text, then people could also use it to export notes (comments or markups), or add up the values of all faces in a model (like the Plot labeller tool does).

This could include dimensions that are part of a component (or group), like the pink ones below.

A reporter would be nice, just for the simple fact that people would make great use of it when calculating the total length of a number of pieces of wood, or the total area of a number of faces. (right now …what do we do? manually calculate the values, or transpose them into a table?..not fun).

But a simple CSV table output isnt such a bad thing.

In the example of the image, if i selected everything then table/report might output as follows:

1.50       PinkTimber
1.50       Pink Timber
1.50       PinkTimber
1.50       PinkTimber
2.75       PinkTimber

1.0        Greensquare
2.0        Yellowsquare      

The pink timbers are components "PinkTimber"
Blue timbers are loose geometry with manual dimensions

Selecting the items to export is great, but there could be an option to export “all” text entities.

I assume this is all possible to set up using DCs and Generate Reports…but it’s often a total pain and no one bothers. When you’re dealing with simple rectangular bits of wood it’s not too bad to create a report (XYZ are fairly easy to understand) but when dealing with more complicated shapes or component “families” it gets pretty confusing and often leads to errors.

Cheers for considering this!

PS i hope Trimble don’t take you off extension-creating duties altogether… !

A lot of the use case for this could be solved if there was a simple reporter built into Entity Info or the Measurements field.