Exporting Layers or Components Text from SU

Does anyone know if it’s possible to simply export the name of layers or components out of SU as raw text?

I’m not aware of a native way to do this, but it could be done with a pretty simple Ruby script run via the Ruby Console. The following will print lists to the console which you can cut and paste to somewhere else. With more effort, one could add code to write the results to a file.

model = Sketchup.active_model
puts 'tag names:'
model.layers.each {|tag| p tag.name}
puts 'definition names'
model.definitions.each {|defn| p defn.name}
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the native way would be to use Generate Report…



I always forget about Generate Report…

Thanks John - that worked! It also gives me a quantity one each component as well which is an added bonus.

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Also, the contents of the list window in Window menu>Model Info>Statistics can be copied and pasted into for instance Excel for a list of components and their quantities (Check the “Only components” box)