Frustrated Swede - Lost text and inscribed dimensions

Feeling stupid when I can not understand what I’m doing wrong. Want to export a layout file dwg so the manufacturer can read it with the exposed dimensions and explanatory texts. But when I open it in the SU to see if the exposed dimensions and texts are included, they’re gone, only the drawn product is there. Please help me. Sitting 80 hours and laying over products in layout and starting to wonder if I’ve done everything wrong.
Best regards, Patrick in Sweden

You don’t say which version of Sketchup/Layout are you using.

I found this in the current Help documentation:
Tip: LayOut 2017 improves entity export compared to previous versions. Dimensions, labels, circles, arcs, ellipses, and tables are all exported as native DWG/DXF entities.


So if you are using an older version of Layout, Dimensions might not be exporting as AutoCAD Dimensions, or even at all - I rarely use Layout, so have no direct experience.

And, I’m pretty sure, SU DWG import does NOT import dimensions.

You could use a DWG viewer to see the DWG file ‘as is’ rather than what SU does with it - try for example the free eDrawings Viewer 2015 from SolidWorks for Mac.

One download source I found is

It doesn’t seem to come with unwanted baggage, and I use it occasionally, but can’t otherwise vouch for it.

DWG import in SketchUp does not support text entities. To confirm the text is in your document, you’ll need to open the DWG file in some other program like AutoCAD.

Thank you so very for the tips, I throw myself on them directly. Nice to know that SU did not know text. I’m running Sketchup / layout pro 2017

Thank you for your response, that means a lot.

Furthermore, everything you add on the LayOut page in the LayOut application is placed on Paperspace layouts when you export the file to DWG. The Sketchup DWG importer only imports modelspace elements.

thanks for that, soon i will be an expert when i get this much feedback :slight_smile:

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