Can not export DWG files from Layout

No matter what I do, I can not export my file to dwg from Layout. Autocad online viewer states the file can not be read. Importing as a dwg into my Sketchup, it’s just empty. Do not see anything.

Help! I’m willing to try anything! Thank you!

Are you exporting Raster rendered SketchUp views? I would guess that SketchUp doesn’t support image references in DWG files.

Hi jasonkwang, it sounds like the export is not failing, is that correct?

Also, SketchUp can only import Model Space information, if the file you are exporting contains only LayOut entities (no SketchUp viewport) then this file will be blank when coming into SketchUp. If your file contains a SketchUp model viewport then it should import only the Model Space information (this will either be image only or combo of images and lines)

Also, native Acad Including Acad True view, using the online version of autodesk viewer, make sure you upload the images folder that LayOut creates. This folder will have the same name of your exported file.


I’ve created the drawing in Layout. Since I’m just starting to learn and the drawing tools just seemed easier for me as compared to Sketchup.

Seems, I shouldn’t do so in the future.

I will give it a try. Thank you!

Thank you for your help!

If you have access to AutoCad, you can send your DWG paper space entities to the Model space so SketchUp can see them: Create a paperspace viewport. Set its scale to what your paperspace objects represent. Select your paperspace objects and use the Change Space function to send them to Model space.