Exporting LayOut 2019 DWG not working as expected

The problem I have is taking the layout file to DWG model space.

I have tried to export my layout file to DWG/DXF, but when I open the DWG file it is not to scale and I can not open it to model space.

When I double click on the drawing in paper space it goes to model space but, it doesn’t allow me to go back to paper space.

Any assistance in this regard would be most appreciated.

Hi atholp1, when exporting using our standard export options ( not using the Export for SketchUp option) we export LayOut native information as Paper space entities and any SketchUp viewports as Model Space entities exported as 1:1 but placed in a Viewport at the defined scale.

When you double click on the drawing in Paper Space you are accessing the Model Space viewport. To go back to Paper Space you need to double click outside the viewport. You should also be able to use the tabs at the bottom of the Acad model window to toggle full screen Model and Paper Spaces (page1).


You are a STAR Trent… Thank you so much for clarifying that up for me…