The dwg model space is empty, which was converted from Layout

I converted Layout to dwg,but I find the dwg model space is empty …

Use another export option. You have probably used an option that places everything into Paper space. Also, AutoCad has a CHSPACE command to move the objects to model space through an appropriately scaled viewport.

what is the another export option?
I export dwg in the following order below:

  1. open a skp file, send it to layout

    2.export dwg by using the menu “export to dwg/dxf” in layout
    3.paper space has entity ,however nothing exist in model space
    paper space below

    model space below

Can’t tell anything useful from screenshots. How did you render the viewport in LayOut before exporting to dwg/dxf?

Cannot tell exactly from screenshots, you should also show the DWG export settings you are using. This looks to me that

  • The SketchUp viewport on the LayOut page uses Raster rendering. In DWG export this results in a raster image, not vector AutoCad lines
  • You are exporting to Paper space

Explore the different export options to get what you want. Perhaps the most consistent is the “Export for SketchUp” option. This exports everything visible on the LayOut page to Model space, but at the paper space scale, so to get to full scale the objects have to be re-scaled in AutoCad.

this is the setting for layout export dwg, and I find the layout file can export entity to the model space ,which is the sample file of Sketchup SDK ,however,the dwg exported from my layout fie using the same setting can’t generate entities in model space ,why?

As I asked in my first reply, how is the viewport rendered?

What version of SketchUp/LayOut are you really using? What operating system?

Sketchup pro2021 , windows 10 HomeEdition
I just create some lines and face in skp,and send it to layout,and exporting layout to dwg, without operation for rendering

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So then you are leaving the viewport rendered as Raster so there’ll be no vector linework to export in the dwg. Change the viewport rendering to Vector or Hybrid so there is vector lines to export.

I have set the viewport rendering to vecotr or hybrid in layout software, but it seems no work


Hi 27925916, I cannot tell, but as stated change the viewport to Vector or Hybrid before exporting or you can choose the “Export raster-rendered SketchUp models as Hybrid-rendered” option on the dwg export dialog (or if 23 or newer version this is an output override under the Rendering Tab in Document Setup).

One thing that can happen in the dwg viewer (like autocad) is that the raster image is being displayed on top of the vector linework. You can turn the Images layer off in the dwg viewer to see if this is what is going on.


SimpleHouse.layout (124.2 KB)
modelNOWORK.layout (390.9 KB)
modelNOWORK.skp (278.9 KB)
the same setting for layout to dwg, but file “SimpleHouse.layout” can generate dwg with model sapce entity ,but “modelNOWORK.layout” can’t

below is the setting of SimpleHouse.layout and dwg

below is the setting of modelNOWORK.layout

I don’t know if it is a feature or a bug, but perspective views are automatically exported to paper space and ortho views to model space. @trent might have a comment, but probably it is impossible to derive the scale of the perspective lines and determine what size they should be rendered to in model space.

Yes Anssi that is exactly the issue. Perspective views do not have a scale so these are retained in the paper space. You have a few options if you want the perspective views in the model space.

  • You could use the Export for SketchUp and this will place all entities into the model space.
  • You could also use the chspace command as Anssi had recommended in AutoCad.