Export DWG from Layout

Hi All, I know this has been a regular topic through the years, so I thought I would add my question as well as I am now working in Layout as part of my workflow.

Q: How can you can you export a DWG from Layout that is correct and reflects the view inside Layout?

Things that I am looking for:

  1. Model Space = 1:1 scale of the drawing
  2. Model Space shows all text and markups the same as the “view” in Layout
  3. Model Space shows all dimension lines and text as per the “view” in Layout
  4. Paper Space is set to same paper size as Layout
  5. Paper Space view ports are correct scale as per Layout

I am wanting to share our estimating layout plans with our Clients and their Engineers in a usable format that does not require rework after the export process from Layout.

If someone could share their workflow that achieves the above it would be greatly appreciated.

Hi EstimateAssist, it looks like from your profile you are on 2018 so I will describe it for 2018. We have made some major improvements in 2019 as well as some bug fixes in 2020 that make the process more robust.

When you export to dwg we export all SketchUp models to the model space scaled 1:1 and all LayOut information (dimensions, text…etc.) to the paper space. Then, whatever scale you had set your SketchUp model to in LayOut, we create a viewport with the SketchUp model displayed at appropriate scale.

Dimensions export as acad dimension
Text will export as acad editable text

If you have any Scaled Drawings created in LayOut those also will be exported at the correct scale and dimensions.

The default settings for the dwg options should work for you but if needed to change anything they are pretty straight forward.

Let me know if you run into any snags.


Only model space text and dimensions should export to ACAD models space.

Any LayOut text and dimensions should export to an ACAD paper space view.


Thanks Trent, I will move to Pro 2020 and see how that goes :grinning:

sounds good but the steps I described above should work for you in 2018 as well.