DWG Scale Question

In LO 2016 there was an export option for DWGs that allowed you to pick paper space vs model space for export, and set the scale manually. This option seems gone from 2017 and I am having trouble getting the scale of my exports to come out correctly. I am working on a Mac, if that makes a difference.

Anybody have any thoughts?



The 2017 version removed the option to export your page scaled into the Model space in an AutoCad DWG. Instead, it exports the page contents to full scale in Paper Space, and the contents of SketchUp model viewports are exported scaled into Model Space. This works the same for Mac and PC. I think this is a great new feature, but that the old style ought to have been preserved as an option. Now, when these DWG files are sent to correspondents using old-style CAD applications (the group might be dwindling but it is still there) they won’t be able to see the annotations added to the document on the LayOut page.