Layout DWG export

Hi, im trying to export a layout plan to DWG. It seems to work fine, but when I open the DWG in AutoCad it opens as one piece with a frame around: I cannot use any of the lines in AutoCad. When I select the entire model in Autocad, only the lines of the surrounding frame are selected. Any idea what Im doing wrong? Im on Mac Sierra, could that be the problem?

LayOut exports to DWG using both the Model and Paper spaces. Things you have created in LayOut and placed on its pages are exported into paper space layouts, one layout per page. Things in SketchUp viewports are expored to full scale into the Model space. Thus, in your example, the only thing you have in your paperspace layout (as indicated by the triangular UCS icon in your screenshot) is your SketchUp viewport, and the plan shown is in the Model space. You can learn about the Paper/Model concept by studying the AutoCad documentation.


Thanks, I never been a frequent Layout user, so that option was strange for me. Im using the 17 now and that option is gone, I read that the whole DWG export is better in 17, so Im trying to get the hang of that. The dream scenario would be to be to draw site plans in Sketchup and have it exported to Autocad with layers. I does not work that well for me so far, but i´m on to it =)

Dear Theo,
Did you find a way to export your site plans in SketchUP and export it as layers in a DWG or DXF ?