Layout'22 drawing export to DWG produces disorganized, unusable results


I’m trying to export a layout drawing to autocad DWG format but keep producing bad results that the engineers can’t use. I am unsure whether the fault lies in the Layout file organization itself, or maybe I’m exporting it improperly.

The layout file is linked:

Layout to DWG Layout file

and screenshots of the print window and DWG results are attached as well.

Any insights into how to correct things so I can resolve this problem?


Note that the "Export for SketchUp option produces a DWG image of your LayOut page in DWG Model Space. The result is in paper space scale. To get plans to full scale the result must be scaled in a CAD application.
You should go through the options to find which one suits your workflow best. I would export only pages where viewports have been set to use Vector rendering, to avoid embedded raster images. Engineers have no use for them.

Thanks. I’ll give it a try – will turn off “export for sketchup” and “raster rendered sketchup models as hybrid-rendered” and see if that creates a cure.

Here’s the next try – Layout page screenshot, resulting DWG file, and the export window.

The fonts are clearly a problem. For some reason the structural grid numbers get blacked out (maybe because they’re red in layout?). Other items seem to be translating properly.

Have any more insights as to what I should adjust to get a better result?

FALKIRK STR SERIES 221214.dwg (330.2 KB)

Hello. After jiggling the font types I managed to get this result … Pretty good for our purposes.

Thanks for your help.
221216 DWG screenshot.pdf (311.7 KB)

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