Exporting DWG/DXF Lines native to LayOut Missing

I’m trying for the first time to export DXF/DWG files from a Layout file for AutoCad 2013. I am opening these files, to check on the exports fidelity, in SketchUp 2017 because that is what I have but I need to send them on to someone who works in AutoCad. I have both imported elements (viewports) from SKUP and vector lines, shapes, dimensions, and text that I drew/placed in Layout. I am, I think, checking the appropriate boxes/radio signals in the Options sections of the export process. Upon importing the DWG/DXF file into SKUP the only lines I have were the ones that had originally been made in SKUP (the viewports) and imported into LayOut. I have made a test file in LayOut that contained only shapes, lines, etc. made in Layout. This test file exported as a DXF/DWG file opens but in SKUP but it sure does seem like nothing is there.

The screen shot is of what I have in LayOut on the left and all that I am hoping to export vs. what opens in SKUP on the right.

As this blog post states I am supposed to “Get Phenomenal DWG Files From LayOut 2017”


I very well maybe missing a simple step in the process but what might that be?

Any thoughts? Thanks for your help and time!

Hi Kato11, what you are seeing is most likely correct but the export is intended for AutoCad usage. When you export from LayOut, your SketchUp model data is placed in the modelspace and your LayOut entities are placed in the paperspace. When this is opened in AutoCad the drawing will look for the most part like it did in LayOut. However while SketchUp does allow you to import dwg files, it does not support paperspace. So what you are seeing is only the modelspace entities.

You can download an AutoCad viewer like Autodesk DWG TrueView to view your exported dwg.

Hope this is clear and let me know if you have anymore questions.


To Trent’s accurate description should be added that the SketchUp DWG importer only supports AutoCad entities that can be used as a help to modelling and ignores things like annotations, dimensions and hatches (whether they reside in the Model or Paper space).


Thank you Anssi that is a good detail I had left out.


AMAZING. My brain feels better. Thank you Trent and Anssi!

I’m trying to export a logo rendered in Layout which contains text, as a DXF file, however, my exported files are missing the text portion of the logo design. Do you guys have any suggestions on how I can export the file as DXF without loosing the text portion ?