Export Entities from SketchUp Layout Space

Isn’t it possible to do this?

Converting a SketchUp project to Rhino, but only viewport contents (flattened) get exported. No dimensions or leaders or text or title blocks or symbols. The exported files even import back into Layout with only this information.

It seems like a pretty easy thing to do, if the parametrics on the entities can;'t transfer one would expect they could be exploded into lines and export, but apparently not.

Are you exporting from LayOut? If so, of course it’ll be flat. LayOut is 2D only.

I know, thanks.

It’s all the 2D entities in paper space that aren’t exporting.

What file format are you exporting?

.dwg and dxf. Same result. AutoCAD 2000, AutoCAD 2018. All different settings. NOthing comes except thje flattened viewports.

What version of SketchUp and LayOut are you using? Your profile indicates you are using Make. Please update it with the correct info.

I just exported a DXF and opened it in Draftsight. I got all the paper space stuff.


Weird. Thanks. I will try those exact settings. I’m using the latest version.

The 1st image below is what’s on the layout.
The 2nd is what SkUp and RHino get on importing the .dxf
Only the content of the viewport is exported.

With standard LayOut DWG export, what is on the LayOut page will be exported to the Paper space in the DWG or DXF. So your page items are there, but Rhino doesn’t import them. If you open the file in AutoCad they will be there.

You could try exporting with the “Ezport for SketchUp” option. If I remember right it exports everything on your page to Model space, at the page scale, however.

THanks, but if they are there shouldn’t sketchup be able to import them back again?

Loaded them into AutoCAD (on a different computer) and sure enough, there they are.
Thanks. They turn out not to be editable, but a dwg saved from the AutoCAD file seems to open as a Rhino file without too much trouble.

No, SketchUp imports only Model space items. LayOut has an option to import a DWG file with paper space objects put on the layout page and model space items in a SketchUp model window.

Thanks Anssil.

It’s a circuitous route getting them to Rhino though. Nobody seems to responding on the Rhino forum…

Did you try the “Export for Sketchup” option?

That’s not an option out of layout.

It’a an option in the dwg dialog-- as far as SketchUp goes I don’t see what it does. You are going to Rhino, right? I can also get the LayOut drawings (sans text of course) into SketchUp via a CAD re-export. I am not sure if that is what you are asking, but if you want to get dwg from LO into SU, I can help.

Yes, I can do that too - via dwg - and the text comes through also, actually. But I can’t get anything from the layout of Skp into a form that Rhino can directly import.

As said, the Export for SketchUp option, while weirdly named, should do what you are trying.

Thanks again, but that option isn’t available when I export from Sketchup’s Layout app. At least it isn’t for me with this project and the current version of Layout.

Which version are you actually using? Your profile only refers to SketchUp Make that has no LayOut available. Dave’s screenshot is from LatOut 2019. Older versions have the “Model space” option that, if I remember right, does roughly the same thing.

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