Generate report to CSV to XLS

Hello everyone, i am using the Generate Report Tool so much,
in a fast workflow, but im still strugglin with the fact that it only exports it on CSV, and then i have to open it, it cames out in a messy way… then deleting all that… import data as CSV… and then save it as an XLS.

Then i put that XLS file into a intern database where it is "processed "and so on, this part doesnt matter.

The thing is, is there a way to make this procedure faster? like an extension or anything or a tood to export it directly in XLS?

Can you post an example report?

an XLS shouldn’t in theory be any different beyond supporting all of the Microsoft Excel specific functions (which isn’t needed for a simple sketchup report)

If I open a CSV in excel it appears as such, which is what I would expect

If your steps are always the same why don’t you record a macro in excel? Then, the next time only by running the macro all the steps are done.

if i open the file just made from sketchup report, i see it like this:

i must delete all this, and insert data as CSV

That looks like you have a setting in excel wrong somewhere - they just open like my screenshot for me.

I noticed your excel is in italian - this may be why.

Press the start button/windows key and search the “control panel”
Clock and Region

additional settings

Make sure that “list seperator” is a comma ,

It’s not neccesary… (I hope you can understand Spanish… :wink:)


Si lo hago jaja, gracias!

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