Nesting and report

Hi there! I am trying to export a report and i have components that are simple and other that are nested into other component.
For example:
Components that are walls (just the solid)
And then doors (Component made out of 2 other components : structure and door)

I know i can choose the level of nesting but as i have some on the level 1 and other in level 2, if i choose only level 1 i dont get those in 2, and if i select level 1 and two, i get the nested components counted twice.

It solves if i explode the nested components but its not a reliable solituion for more complex models.

Any ideas?

SOLUTION: in the end, i selected as attribute “name” and inserted it on the leven of nesting i wanted to count of every component, it was a long job but one its done it works smoothly selecting the attribute dyc:_name as a filter, works fine so far

After you add attributes to the report you can use the little gear icon next to their names to adjust how they are displayed. Try those out.

Otherwise, you can try using tags, entity description, and definition names to modify the output. Or, you can add Dynamic Attributes to further organize output.

Sometimes you can try something like putting all of the attributes in the Group By or Report Attribute columns to get different results.

I could try that, mostrly he part of adding attributes to the DCs, may work, thanks!

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Here’s an example of using “All”. There’s a bit of junk that I added to this model after the fact, but it should be clear:

And then 3:

I used DCs, tags, levels, and concatenated sums to get the report output I wanted.

As another example, this is level 2:

So in conclusion there is no way i can take it all out without repetitions on the same report? because i could make one out from level 2, and other level 3, but its not favorable for my workflow

I wouldn’t conclude that. My preference would also usually be to have one report (although cutting and pasting into an exported csv isn’t too bad). It could be that you could use tags, DC attributes and levels to get what you want. But without seeing how you have things set up in your model I can’t say for sure.

I am trying to assing the name in the attributes and only in the leven im interested to count, and then select as a filter that attribute, so far is working but i am only doing some tests, i will dive into this, thanks!

there are tutorials about all SU tools on youtube chenell, but not about generating report, I asked in comments, on live sesions a lot of times to do some video about this function, how to afficient use it, but nobody listen :frowning:
today I see this video on sketchup essentials chenel, but I think SU team do this better if they do it ever

i have seen a very usefull video in youtube but its in italian, anyway you can put the subtitles:

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