Generate Report bugs killing my dreams

GenerateReportBugs.skp (150.7 KB)

The report generator has 2 soul crushing bugs that are destroying a TON of functionality that should intuitively exist with dynamic components to create templates, copy/paste, and generate reports from the results. Running the default report template on this model demonstrates both.

  1. A component that copies itself is counted in the report, but only at the parent level. If a component copies itself with sub-components, the report contains all the parent copies, but only the sub-components from the first instance of the parent. This is demonstrated by the row of 2 small squares. The report counts 3 parents, but only 1 of each child. This makes it impossible to get data on modular sub-component systems (IE a drawer that sizes/copies itself to fill up a space with x drawers).

To be more specific, the “Entire Model”, and “Current Selection” behave differently with this bug. If you select the copies of a parent and run “Current Selection”, it will count all the sub-components, but the “Entire Model” does not. Also, if you nest one more level so that a Grandparent has copied Parents with Children, the children never get counted more than once no matter how you run it.

  1. If you create a component with subcomponents, and paste multiple unique instances, EVERY subcomponent is always included in the report regardless of hiding/layering to remove parts from the model. You’ll see 3 Dans and 3 Bobs in the report despite Bob being hidden, and Dan’s layer being deselected. This makes the intuitive way of using layers to organize parts useless for obtaining data if your models gain/lose parts based on user choices.

These should be simple to fix, and would add incredible functionality. Please make a priority.

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