Generate Report nested copies are not reporting

I just built this DC and it works fine. When I select it and run generate report I get an incomplete sum. If I open the component and select everything, and run the report I get the correct sums. I have tried this with a bunch of older components I have and they all report properly. I have saved the component and restarted SketchUp but end up with same behaviour. Any ideas as to what I have done to create this appreciated.

Ledger Board.skp (877.8 KB)

Generate Report Settings:

Incorrect Sums and selection:

Correct Sums and selection:

It seems that none of the copies inside the component are registering in sum on the report when only the parent component is selected.

EDIT: I have managed to repeat the behaviour now a couple times. Copies do not report when I build new DCs in SKP 2022…

Seems like this exactly…

Is anyone else experiencing this? This breaks my entire workflow!

Reported five years ago, a report writer problem since 2017, I’ve started using OpenCutList instead, it has quite a few advantages.
However workarounds include using own quantity attribute
this has advantages of segregation, tim_Val, hard_Val, …

or an explode section in the DC (ruby find attribute to automate)

but not effective as OCL, which can open a few more “tricks”

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Hey Phillip, I will give OCL a look. I am a bit surprised I never noticed this until now, thanks for the tip. I already use my own Quantity values, I will adjust them around this bug. Cheers.

OCL quantifies the lowest level component and does not count groups. It reports only visible geometry. So for your bolt you would convert the sleave, thread and shaft to groups (eneroth’s addon, right click menu) then make a component of three “Anchor”?
All material accounting should be as per OCL, it has a great set of tools for deep face painting and edging.
Material can be categorized as sheets, dimensional (beams,sticks, molding…) and hardware
The Name attribute is a direct option of relating to DCs besides definition and instance, hopefully others maybe exposed later (Summary?)
there is a ruby section to help with reports, a label system. exploded drawings… constantly improving unlike the improvement of DCs, Reporter…