Changing Entity Name of Dynamic Components

How do you change entity name?

I generate a report and want to change a entity name.
I cannot find a place to see and change entity name of dynamic components.

The “entity name” is the instance name of the component, this works only after inserting a component and provide neither the “Name” attribute is used nor the attribute dialog header is changed.

so changing the instance name changes the entity name

Changing the attribute dialog header changes the entity name, but disconnects the possible link to the instance name.

This may well be your preference, personally I like the instance method

Thank you.
you helped but, I don’t understand the part “changing the attribute dialog header disconnects the possible link to the instance name”. because mine seems disconnected all the time.

are you using the “Name” attribute? then delete it and provide the header has never been changed and on inserting the component from its “saveas” location then it should

Else you can private message the model and I will inspect it to see I can figure the issue

Hm i re-read your post and did some test. I think now i know what you mean. but to be sure,
Here’s my sketchup filel
Base Units.skp (172.3 KB)

so, Definition > Entity Name = Name Attribute = Instance
(is Definition the highest in the hierarchy?)

but if i change the attribute dialog header, the link gets broken?
Definition > Entity Name = Name Attribute ≠ Instance

so, don’t touch the attribute dialog at all and always change the entity name from instance in entity info?
if the link between instance and entity name gets broken, can we restore the link?

When you build or inert a component, a definition is built into the file which remains even after the instance is deleted and is used as a template. To activate the instance name connection the dynamic component needs to be inserted into the file from another source.

With the base units file, right click one of the units and “saveas” to a component file of your choice, then either delete and purge this file of the component or open a new one. Insert the component and now the instance name appears in the option and attribute dialog headers. Any further editing on this inserted DC does not destroy this link unless…

Entity Name is the attribute dialog header, which can be change but breaks the link to the instance name.

Initially the DC takes the component name and updates to any change provided no attributes are activated, then this link breaks

The “Name” attribute overrides the option “header”, but any link is not broken and can be reinstated by its removal

Your profile shows you using 2018, whereas the uploaded file is 2017, question is are you using 2018 or better as any recommendations in regard to reports depends on pre or 2017 or post versions