How to mirror information in "Component Definition Description" and "Component Description in Component options"?

I need to add information to components so that this information is visible/acessible in several scenarios:

  • As part of a “bill of materials”. Both inside SU, and to be exported as excel
  • Visible and editable when working with the model in SU - for me and others with acess to the file. Updating this info is crusial for efficient cooperation. Neither the “native generate reporte” or "5D+ can view or write to the “Component Description in Component options”
  • “pulling” this info into Layout(from the SU-file) so that it easily can be displayed on drawings.
  • Why do I care about “Component Description in Component options”? Because info written here actually shows up in other software such as Trimble Connect(TC), Solibri and so on when the file is exported as an IFC. AND: TC can view SU-files, but needs the info to be written there to display it.

Does anyone know how to solve this easily? Any extension where you can input and view “description-information”, and that speaks to both “Component Definition Description” and “Component Description in Component options”?


It’s OK. If you have two components both have the same definition but not the same scale, rotation, etc.

The Ifc ones are from entity and the other are from definition.
You can have two components as “woman” but one of then is named “Ana” and the other “María”. Both are woman.

If you add the “Description” attribute in the DC Component Attributes dialog, that description will appear at the top of the Component options dialog. In Generate Reports, add, “dyc:Description”, and it will also appear in the report. In TC, add the property, “dynamic_attributes description” and it will appear there as well.

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Than you very much, very helpful!

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