Component description In Trimble Connect?

Hi, Does anybody know how to display the Component description inside Trimble Connect?

I have written a lot of important information about my different components In the description-Box that every component has In Sketchup, bur I am not able to find the information In TC. If this is not possible to access this from a SketchUp-file i TC, does anybody know how to export this information as a IFC-property that can be exported to TC?

The info must be written down in a Dynamic Component attribute or advanced attribute for it to show up in TC.
Classifying a component results in attributes that can be described and altered through the DC options dialog.

Thank you! The problem for me might be that I have tried to use the extension “5D+ Info” and writing in the “description coloumn” inside that extension. This information is added to the model, but i cannot find the information neither in the dynamic- og advanced attributes
 The reason is therefore probably with the extension-currently I am using SU2024

Can you send an example file (.skp)?
Sometimes data of extension is available but not directly visible

Thank you for trying to help! Here is a picture showing how it is on my screen:

And here is a file:
240506.Description.Info.test.KOS.skp (249.3 KB)

I am not sure how the extension ’ remembers’ the data, I guess it reads the general data just from what is available (Component description in the component panel, tag name, etc.)
@Cyentruk might know how the description field is transferred to Trimble Connect.

Thanks! I`ve asked in a separate thread spesificaly for that extension, so i hope it will be answered there:)

It is something that I do not quite understand, how they put so much effort in moving the geometry and leave lost data in exports. The best you can do is to put it in some IFC parameter and make the export with IFC Manager, it is the best way to keep the information.

@liveterherlig If you open the ruby console, select several components with description and IFC4 classification and paste this script, it will copy the description text in the IFC Description parameter and after exporting it to IFC you will be able to see it in Trimble Connect and any IFC viewer.

Sketchup.active_model.selection.each do |instance|
  unless !instance.is_a? Sketchup::ComponentInstance
    if instance.definition.attribute_dictionary("IFC 4")
    val = instance.definition.description
    ifcDict = instance.definition.attribute_dictionary("IFC 4")
    ifcDict.set_attribute "Description", "value", val
    ifcDict.set_attribute "Description", "is_hidden", false
    ifcDict.set_attribute "Description", "attribute_type", String
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Thank you for getting back to me, even with a fix!

  • The “ifc description parameter” that you refer to - is it the “description box” in the “Componets options” dialoque box you mean? This one I have highlighted in a red box:

Yes, the highlighted box


I`ve now done some testing of the Ruby Script that @rtches posted earlier in the discussion. Two comments I hope is usefull for others:
1: Is the script supposed to update the “component definition description”, so that this matches the “description in the component options”?? I ask because this does not happen in my file.

2: The IFC-export works fine - the “description” from “components options” is visible in TC, Solibri and so on. This info shows using the script, but also without using it. I have testet with the SU-native ifc-exporter, and with the Ifc-manager extension. The important is that one use the description in “component options”, not the “component definition description” that is visible in the dialoque box when creating a component, or via the component inspector, og the 5D±extension.

The script copy 1 to 2.
1 is not exported with Ifc file and is empty when you classify your component.

Yeah, it’s confusing because the Component Options dialog was used to show the classification tags when it was introduced.
The extension Dynamic Components also has an ‘system’ attribute Description, which would show up at the top of the Component Option dialog.
This description also never had anything to do with the definition description in the Component panel
I think this was requested before.

There is also an description field or attribute on the Warehouse models, which also isn’t ties to any other description attribute.

One can also create you own dictionary, with a description attribute. This will show up in TC when uploaded as .skp file.
One has to consider which path to follow with so many different way’s I guess.