How to add classification to a component from Trimble Creator/Live Component?

I`m trying to add Ifc- classification to a component made in Trimble Creator(LIve Component), but cant figure out how. On my screen it looks like this:

Does anybody know?

Using the extension “Ifc-manager” I can right-click on the component, choose “create building element”. This gives me all the usuall options for classification, description and so on. But: This creates nested components. that of many reasons is not wanted.

  • Any solutions?

The term “Description” isn’t used consistently. Maybe that’s causing confusion? I don’t recognize the “Configure” button you are showing but you could do something like this:

The classifier toolbar is showing… but I think you can do this through model info as well. Select Import:

I selected IFC4:

Now select the component and then select from the Classifier dropdown:

Here ifcWall was selected and this appears in the Entity Info, Type:

Then you can open the Dynamic Components extension, Component Options and IFC: ifcWall has been added:

You can add a “Description” in the IFC panel:

And you can add a “Description” in Component Attributes:

This one shows up in TC:

The “Description” in the Component Tray, appears as “Entity Description” in Generate Report but doesn’t -as far as I can tell- appear in TC.

Thank you for a very detailed and well illustrated answer!

I have been classifyibg components for a long time, so generaly this in no problem. Both with normal components, Dunamic Components and just Ifc-containers such as IfcSite, IfcProjectedCRS and so on.

The problem is however that Im not able to do this because all the normal dialoque boxes neccesary for the process simply dissapears as soon as I click on a component fra Trimble Creator - Including the Classification(type). To ble clear:

The button named "configure comes in instead(the one on this picture):

but that “Configure” only allows for doing the changes that was programmed in Creator as a parameter. and for the components I`m working with here-that is only the length…

It seems as though Live Components are a ‘special’ type of component that hides nested groups.

If the LC is imported from the 3D Warehouse, the Live Component ‘wrapper’ comes in and the Configure button is available.

Here a Steel Joist is imported. The component doesn’t show the nested group (that’s what I think it is) in Outliner. But the Dynamic Components Component Attributes dialog does show it:

*The other group is not related.

But if the same model is downloaded and opened, the groups are visible in the Outliner and the Live Component ‘wrapper’ is removed so the Configure button is not available.

Groups don’t have Advanced Attributes, but if you turn them into a component you’ll have them and components will not be nested.

*Copied LC, then created component.

I could add IFC to both:

IFC Beam only showed on the Dynamic Component version.

But as far as I can tell you’ll lose the LC parameter either way (checked in TC as well). But you can add the Size attributes from the DC Component Attributes dialog to get (similar) functionality back.

The way these work -and don’t work- together is a real bird’s nest!

Great to see you’re experimenting and using Trimble Creator and Live Components! Live Components are still in “Labs” and so we are continuously improving them and their functionality. So be sure we’ve taken on your feedback!

As 3DxJFD has shown, at the moment you aren’t able to classify an LC as an IFC directly, instead you will be able to do so by “Detaching Definition” via right-clicking the LC (thus turning it into a normal SketchUp component). Currently this will remove the configurability of the LC, but will allow you to classify it.

If you have any other questions, let me know!

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