Workflow BIM to IFC

What is the preferred way to include attributes to be able to export them to IFC?
It would be appreciated to run a script adding attributes to groups, having a specific colour like glass.
Are other elements capable of having attributes?

Read this thread, its got some really good info in it :grinning:

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It is important that every object, preferably a component, contains an IFC classification.
You can assign this to objects with the classifier function if the IFC2x3 and/or IFC4 classification schemes are loaded into the SketchUp model.

You can classify objects in SketchUp in several ways:

Classifier toolbar

(View menu > Toolbars > Classifier)

  • Select the object to be classified.
  • Open the drop-down menu of the Classifier toolbar and select the desired classification.
Entity Info tray
  • Select the object to be classified.
  • Open the Entity Info tray
  • Open the Type drop-down menu via the Advanced Attributes and select the desired classification.

When you assign a classification to a component, it is assigned to the component definition. This means that if you copy this component, the copy also contains the classification.

Once you have classified an object, it will also be visible in the Component Options. You can provide any additional classification parameters with the correct information via this dialog box.

The material name of the component will be assigned to the IfcMaterial parameter. If you generate an IFC2x3 export with the IFC manager extension.

You can automate filling in the IFC parameters of a component with a Ruby script or custom extension.

With the help of Ruby you can also add a “user defined propertyset” to objects that are exported with an IFC export.

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I think you are right, the way to resolve the Pset issue is through a custom extension (for groups and componets base quanitities). We have been trying to find a workaround with IFC export issue for a long time and keep coming full circle with a ruby solution must be the answer. Unfornuately we have no idea how to code the solution for us.

We need to find a developer to help us some custom plugins

(sorry effizientsST for hijacking your post :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

I develop Ruby scripts and custom SketchUp extensions. Can you send me a PM with your idea / specification?

Don’t you have other things ‘ToDo’? :slight_smile:

Haha @MikeWayzovski :joy:
During the 3D Bingecamp I will solve a ToDo.

This would be the appreciated workflow for IFC export, having a matching of colours with thermal properties.