Proper ifc Export with mapping from Sketchup to ifc-Attributes

Sketchup Pro is a great potential for ifc Based BiM-Workflows and is just missing a proper export following the ifc standards.

The ifc-filstructure is based on the structure of the Outliner. So to model for ifc Export, you have to model from the inside out.

  1. model the Wall, Columns, Rooms → the Instancename is the ifcName/Number Attribute
    but the ifcDescribtion, ifcTyp, Material, Layer is not exportet. The following mapping would be nice
    Component Description → ifcDescription
    Layer the component is placed on → ifcLayer
    Name of the Texture/Material → ifcMaterial
  2. combine all the elements in a component called “your Storey” and assign the ifcBuildingStorey attribut
  3. combine all the storeys in a component called “your Building” and assign the ifcBuilding attribut
  4. combine all the storeys in a component called “your Site” and assign the ifcSite attribut
    in SU2018 the the Components Instance Name is not used for the ifc naming for the Storey, Building and Site components. This would help a big deal…

So I would highly appreciate a consistent programmed mapping or a export tool where the user can manually map the attributes.


Sketchup Pro is suitable for use with OpenBIM. You must work with (dynamic) components that are classified and the IFC fields (component options) must be correctly filled with information. SketchUp Pro 2018 exports more data from (dynamic) components to IFC then the 2017 version. But the ifc export does not comply with the IFC schema in accordance with buildingSMART.

In the Netherlands, more and more companies are applying the BIM Basic IDM in cooperation with the BIM working methodology. To comply this initiative, an IFC manager extension has been developed for SketchUp Pro. The extension can be downloaded on github:

This extension follows the IFC schema in accordance with buildingSMART. More information about the BIM Basic IDM can be found here:

Despite of a good IFC extension has been developed, it is very important that SketchUp improves the native IFC export in upcoming versions.


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