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I try to understand ifc Export. I have for experiment made some random looking “house”, with a site, 3 storeys, each made into a component ifc-labeled “ifcBuildingstorey”, (with layers named as the storey). each storey has a slab and a wall.
The storeys come into Solibri in a random order, so it does not look like they are defined with some sort of storey height and order like the BIM-crowd wants. Any ideas how to set the ifcBuildingSttorey consistently?

the storeys get random names, and are sorted randomly… :slight_smile:testing.skp (248.4 KB)
Attached is my sketchup file if someone wants to have a go at the ifc structure.

In the file “testing2” attached i export with components for “ifcBuilding”, and “ifcproject”,testing.2.skp (260.0 KB) . But the results seems to be the same.

and further, sorry for this… If I export WITH ifc mapped objects checked in the export options I get no storeys in Solibri ?

Use the IFC manager plugin, check these threads:

thanks. I tried this plugin v3.0. It will not save my entries into the edit properties dialog, but make a generic “ifcproxyelement”. The buttons to add layers and materials don’t work. See screenshot of slab after definition: If I select the element after definition there is no info retained. But now I found that it WILL register the edits that I make in sketchups own component info. And it will save the layers and ifc-classes I assign in sketchups own ifc classifier. AND it will save and export those settings. So through this not signed plugin that semi-works, I have a solution finally, as sketchup lets you set the ifc attributes but not export them.(???) Thats supercool, and sketchup is full BIM (in a very very roundabout and strange way that I wouldn´t want my clients to look at) :slight_smile:

Are you still on ‘el Capitan’ ? I guess not, but what version do you use? It might be that there are some flaws for Mac.
The app was primary used to deal with ILS-agreements in the Netherlands (with NL SfB cost codes) @brewsky now has added the German DIN classification. Mind you, these are different classifications and as proper tags, the components can have multiple tags.

Currently investigating the ‘workflow extensions’ of Trimble connect, where you can upload a SketchUp model, and then add properties to the elements, there.

You need to add attributes (either the Dynamic Components or the SU_instance set), so you can select more easy.

hi. I´m on Catalina, on a fairly new MacBook Pro. Latest Sketchup, recently reinstalled. I do experience some glitching in sketchup in general, that keyboard shortcuts stop working after some random period of time, and also keyboard entries, like backspace sometimes, usually after some hours. (hence the reinstall, that did not fix it) Not being able to save entries in the ifc manager plugin looks unrelated to me, but I can’t really tell.

@Odd_Haakon_Byberg Best stick with the 2.2.5 release for now.

The 3.x versions have some bugs that need to be ironed out :grimacing:
I put them up for peolple that want to help test them, but it seems I was not very clear on that.

ok. thanks a lot for clarifying.
Are you aiming for an English-worded ifc library like ifc4 or ISO 16739 library in the future :slight_smile:

Can you eleborate a little on that? I don’t understand what you mean with “English-worded ifc library”.
Do you mean alternatives to the currently implemented NL-SfB classification system?

:rofl: I hope to fix some of those very very roundabout and strange ways soon

I am a novise on this, but I hear some organizations in Norway use something they call classifications from ISO 16739-1:2018, an English version, English worded classes, which I guess is an extended version (more options for classifications) than the older one embedded in sketchup, the ifc 3x2. This ISO standard, and ISO-standards are international, is supposed to be the same as ifc4, says the internet somewhere…I can’t recall exactly where. This page https://technical.buildingsmart.org/standards/ifc/ifc-schema-specifications/ publishes standards as downloads it seems. But being a ifc-beginner I don’t understand how to put that into anything. I looked at the import classification dialog box in sketchup and that seemed to want a file with the extension .skc. Sorry if I ask stupid questions here :slight_smile:

I think ISO 16739-1:2018 is indeed just the ISO standard for IFC4. I’m not aware of big changes in the classification system, but there could be! https://technical.buildingsmart.org/standards/ifc/ifc-schema-specifications/ifc-release-notes/
I made a .skc for IFC4 once, but I thought it would not be super useful without a matching IFC4 importer. Exporter is something I could do.
But the annoying thing is that there would be no link between the IFC2x3 and IFC4 properties in the same component. You would have to start classifying IFC2x3 models from scratch, or find a way to convert the model from 2x3 to 4.

But adding more local classification systems on top of the IFC using your own .skc is not very difficult.
For now we added the dutch NL-SfB (based on the swedish SfB?) and German DIN 276-1.
And I still have to finish adding the NAHB that @MikeWayzovski created :grimacing:

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there seems to be a lot of different filetypes to choose from coming from Building Smart, for a standards body that’s not what I would expect :slight_smile: but no .skc. Do one just rename one of the other files?

(I think I’m gonna stick with ifc 3x2 until someone demands ifc4 ), that may not happen in the near future

check this page in the help centre about classifying your model:


A skc is basically a zipped XML file with a changed file extensions. In the provided help page there is also a link to the ifc4 skc: http://assets.sketchup.com/files/kc/downloads/ifcXML4.skc

You can import the classification through [menu]Window-Model Info->Classifications

Here is the NAHB

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thanks. this has been very instructive.

Nice! I didn’t know there was an official skc packaged version of the ifc4 schema

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