SketchUp to IFC

Hello, bim/sketchup noob here

I am having trouble understanding exporting to IFC and the logic behind it.

Discalimer, I am new to the bim workflow and these problems might be purely from my lack of knowlegde.

Before I dive into the questions I want to explain the workflow I have used so that we are on the same page. I recieved an ifc file. The IFC was imported into sketchup pro 2021 using the IFC manager plug-in. Using the component workflow as explained on the forum (component inside a component inside a component etc. with an ifcfurnishingelement classification for each object i modelled)
Screenshot of the set up:
ifc model tree
I simply modelled the furiture elements inside the ifc i was given.

Now I want to export only the ifcfurnishingelements i have modelled, while keeping the model tree (outliner hierarchy)

  1. Is this even the correct workflow?

  2. How can I export only the objects I have modelled, while keeping the model tree structure?

  3. Is the name of my sketchup workfile where i set the name of my professional discipline to have it show in the ifc?


An Ifc model is not intended to be worked on but to have a reference model with geometry and information.
The best option is to generate a model containing only the new elements and export it to Ifc. It is convenient that it has the same floors and the same structure but it must be a different model. What I would do is to delete everything that was there and keep the Site, Building and Building Storey structure, draw my new components, classify them and export it again.
Then you can federate them in any software like Trimble Connect and you will visualize both models together, you will be able to do clash detection and so on.
A project can have as many Ifc as you need, each stakeholder will be responsible for his model.
Notice that an IfcFurnishingElement should have an IfcFurniture inside and not an IfcBuildingElementProxy. Also IfcFurniture should have a Type.

I hope I have helped you.


Great! Problem solved, Thank you so much!

I knew you were the best person to answer that :wink:

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