IFC4 Export from SketchUp2023 Pro

I have set up a simple file with the correct IFC heirarchy in Outliner. I have assigned IFC4 classifications to the objects and the high level containers. Dispite that, when I export the file as an *.ifc file all I get is 1 x IfcBuildingElementProxy exported?

Why is this?

Are your “objects” groups or components ?

I recommend you to use IFC manager plugin to export your model

They’re all components

Can you share a capture of your outliner?

Hi, here’s the Outliner
Screenshot (283)

Has my project, my site, building and storey ifc category?

MY PROJECT : IfcProject
MY SITE : IfcSite
MY BUILDING : IfcBuilding
00 GROUND : IfcBuildingStorey
01 FIRST : IfcBuildingStorey

You should remove the component called Project. It’s the own model. That’s the reason why you see only the IfcElementProxy.
IFC Project is created while exporting the model.
If doing that don’t solve the problem share your skp model and I’ll try to find the reason

Thank you for your advice, I’ve looked into this a little further and:

  • Removed the component called PROJECT
  • Exported both natively and with the IFC Manager plugin

I am now able to export a model tree which succesfully displays in certain IFC viewers however I have also discovered:

  • There appear to be inconsistencies (as revealed in IFC viewers) in how SketchUp exports IFC 2x3 as opposed to IFC4.
  • SketchUp IFC export files are handled differently by different IFC viewers (i.e. the issue I was having was not only a function of the SketchUp IFC export but what also appears to be incompatability with certain IFC viewers)

I was originally using Open IFC Viewer. I have now investigated other IFC viewers.

The following questions arise:

  1. Are there known issues with SketchUp IFC export and certain IFC viewers?
  2. Which IFC viewer is consided the best to use (generally - not just SketchUp IFC export)?
  3. Can the SketchUp IFC export file be validated or checked in any way other than opening it in a viewer?
  4. Are there known issues and differences between adopting IFC2x3 or IFC4 export from SkethcUp? Is IFC2x3 still preferred over IFC4?

These are my answers:

  1. The data structure is different in Ifc 2x3 and Ifc 4. In my plugins I check the schema first in order to attach quantities.

  2. I have no problem with IFC viewers. I usually use BimCollab Zoom to test my IFC files. Trimble Connect is also a good viewer. I have tested in windows with Bim Vision too. None of them have problems with SketchUp Ifc files.

  3. I use SketchUp Ifc for quantity take off, the software I use read perfectly sketchUp Ifc files, so does BimCollab and others.

  4. Ifc 4 has more Ifc categories so I usually prefer to use that Schema but It’s true that a few softwares only read Ifc 2x3.